private tour Girona with tourguide Gemma

Girona’s old quarter, known as Barri Vell, is a well-preserved medieval town with a rich cultural heritage.

It’s a town completely laid out in stone with cobbled streets and both Romanesque and Gothic buildings.

Lose yourself in the small stunning alleys of the old quarter.

Enjoy the vibrant colours of the houses along the River Onyar and the iron Eiffel’s bridge.

To discover the secrets of this lovely town, take a private tour!





Are you ready to enjoy a tour of senses?

I’ll be there with you throughout this unfogettable experience!

Enjoy Girona’s unique sensations:

* Touch the Roman stone that dates back to 2000 years ago

* Feel the atmosphere of the old town by admiring its rich medieval heritage: the walls, the cobblestone streets and the beautiful Romanesque and Gothic buildings

* Discover the most mysterious legends such as Witch, Flies and Gerion

* Walk the city from the top of the wall and enjoy beautiful panoramic views

* Discover the city’s only Hollywood star

* Taste the local sweet called xuixo!

For Game of Thrones lovers, I will show you the locations.

Live an experience of unique sensations in Girona!

You will love this tour!


Discover the secrets of one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe.

6 centuries of Jewish community make up the history of the city.

With this guided tour you will uncover where Jewish people lived, which activities they did, the location of the 3 medieval synagogues and much more.

In Girona, the famous rabbai and Kabbalist Nahmanides was born.

Girona is “mother city of Israel” and was a center of spirituality

The Jewish tour includes the Museum of Jewish History.  

It contains: the most important collection of Hebrew tombstones of Spain and the last micvé of the Gironinian Jewish community, which was in use until the expulsion in 1492.

I am an expert guide in Jewish heritage certified by Rasgo Sefarad and I love to share my knowledge with you!



Enjoy the best spots of the old quarter with this walking tour!

Girona is a city completely laid out in stone and has both Romanesque and Gothic buildings from XII to XIV centuries.

Discover the secrets of one of the best-preserved Jewish quarters in Europe. The history of the city is made up of six centuries of residence of the Jewish community.

Girona preserves 1,8 km of walls. Let’s walk along the medieval walls dating back to XIV C.

In addition to that, we can enjoy the oil and chesnuts squares, the merchants street, the Rambla and the Eiffel’s bridge.

Optional entrance fees:

  • Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria where you can admire  the widest Gothic nave in the world, the Tapestry of Creation – hand-embroidered Romanesque jewel – and the Romanesque cloister. Entrance fee is 7,5€.
  • Visit the Arab Baths, old public baths built in the XIII C. They preserve the three main rooms: cold, warm and hot.                Entrance fee is 3€


If you like the sweet treat, this is your experience! 

This experience combines the guided tour of the old quarter with the tasting of local sweets:

  • the xuixo
  • the icecream
  • the sweet sausage

We talk about the xuixo, the most well-known gironinian sweet. It’s a fried pastry butter bun filled with cream. And we reveal the legend of the Tarlà, which has a lot to do with the origin of the xuixo.

And we taste the xuixo of course!

The  visit continues to the Cathedral square and the Jewish quarter.  We walk along the Rambla and we cross the Eiffel’s bridge.

Are you used to eat salty meat? This time you will try something different! We will taste the sweet sausage. It’s similar to a cured pork meat sausage but sweet. It’s a product of extremes: you will either like it or hate it!

We stop at Rocambolesc gelato store, run by Jordi Roca, the little brother of Roca family, owners of the famous Celler de Can Roca restaurant, the world’s best restaurant two times.

And we taste the icecream you like the most!

With this experience you discover Girona and taste its richest sweets.


Immerse in Girona’s local flavors and rich medieval heritage with this sensory experience!

Enjoy a selection of food and drink tastings hand-picked up by me, your foodie local host.

With this food tour you will enjoy authentic local bites ranging from savory to sweet as well as you discover the city’s main highlights.

We visit the local market Mercat del Lleó, and we stop to admire the Cathedral square, the Jewish quarter and the Independence square.

You will try bites of Catalan and Gironinian food like:

  • golden apple
  • xuixo
  • sweet sausage

This food experience includes 8 food and 2 drinks tastings.

You will love this tour!

Tastings tour Girona with tourguide Gemma

Are you a fan of  Game  of  Thrones?

Excellent! I will show you the locations of the series along with photos of the characters in town.

Did you know that the 6th season was filmed in Girona? And was on TV in the year 2006!

Girona standed for 3 kingdoms: Braavos with Arya Stark, Kings Landing with Jaime Lannister and Old Town with Samwell Tarly.




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